The ins and outs of your Holiday Video Strategy

The holiday season is upon us. Some might argue that they still have time but do they really? According to the National Retail Federation, “Each year about 40% of consumers begin their holiday shopping before Halloween.” So whether you are ready or not, the battle to grab consumers’ attention has already started. Although this might sound daunting, it can also be an incredible opportunity to stand out. Below few tips to create content that will keep your audience engaged.


1. Seasonal How-Tos

Remember our Help, Hub, Hero post? If not you can read it here [link]. These Help videos are very popular all year round but especially at Christmas when people are looking for inspiration with little money or little time. Brands such as M&S are traditionally the first ones to help the viewers. From “how to wrap presents” to “Christmas must haves” or your favourite food, M&S is your one stop shop to create Christmas envies.

The following video gives the viewers some Christmas wrapping inspiration that won’t take up half a day. The video shows how to create prettily packaged presents using M&S cards, tags, ribbons and wrap in just two minutes! Now how is that for giving a helping hand and amazing product placement!


2. Tis the Vlogmas season!

All over the world, vloggers are preparing for the annual YouTube tradition everyone loves so much: Vlogmas. What is this tradition, you ask? Vlogmas is when YouTubers post a video a day, every day for the 25 days leading up to Christmas. So YouTubers create 25 videos every holiday season. They will share tips, traditions and reviews of their favourite products for the holiday to get a bit more revenue on their channel! They will make sure to use affiliate links and shopping guides appropriately to help drive clicks and traffic to retailer sites. Want a piece of that pie? Contact us we also have access to influencers!

3. Short and simple wins the race

The holiday season is the season when consumers actually want to see ads. As mentioned before, they want to be inspired, find these original ideas for presents, be entertained with some ho ho ho so Christmas inspired cartoons or gets this Christmas feeling. It is the perfect time to have fun or simply help the viewers relieve some nostalgia from their childhood. Last Christmas, a video went viral, the budget? Close to zero but it was all so simple and engaging that it racked up millions of views!


4. Think Social First

Our previous example also showed that you don’t have to be lavish and find a budget for a big TV ad. So much happens online now! And the beauty of online? It’s free! So let’s think about these social media platforms. How about a short (funny or touching) season’s greetings sent to your online audience? Videos increase engagement so this is your opportunity to both send holiday wishes to your followers and increase your social media outreach at the same time. 

Air Canada’s #ACGiftofHome was a Christmas social media campaign of hope and brought tears to everyone living abroad.


To Wrap It Up.

We have discussed different types of videos for this holiday season and we hope you found it useful but before you dive head first into creating a new video, ask yourself the right questions.

What are you trying to achieve this holiday season? Here is a non exhaustive list to get you started:

  • Creating connections and engaging with customers
  • Sharing holiday cheer
  • Offering products that make great gifts
  • Sharing your expertise
  • Attracting new social media followers
  • Attracting new visitors to your website

And don’t forget you also need to measure the success of your campaign. So what is your goal in numbers? Posting x holiday videos? Increasing your views, reactions or shares by a certain %?

The end-of-the-year period is a magical time: streets are decorated with lights; holiday markets invite to spend another hour or so walking through the aisles; store windows display attractive price tags and announce year-end discounts. In other words, holiday is in the air. This is exactly why it is the right moment to go the extra mile and accelerate your marketing performance and engage further with your audience.