Video production during COVID-19:

Adapting to the new normal

Among all the disruptions COVID-19 has brought in the world and our everyday life, video production is a big one. As a result, many brands had to change how they approach the process. That being said, video production is still the most powerful and cost-effective tool for companies to reach their audience and generate sales. The question is how do you film great content while keeping everyone safe? Are there any alternatives?



everyone behind the camera and as part of the crew should wear a mask. In front of the camera, well it depends on which reality you try to show for your brand. However, most often than not, talents are without a mask but socially distanced from the rest of the team. Obviously, you still want your brand to set an example so if more than one person is needed for the shot, we use people from the same “social bubble”. Long gone are the days where we would use make-believe families, now it’s all about real families, couples, friends, etc. which usually means some people in the shoot are not trained actors. Fear not, we are used to working with people from all walks of life and our director and DOP are there to tell them what to do, shoot the perfect angle and edit carefully to create the desired effect.

Similarly, it’s easier to film in one location and, as much as possible, we refrain from shooting people travelling, just so we can keep things simple, on budget, and make sure we keep everyone safe. So what are your options for a live shoot and beyond?



We have managed to keep our crew to 3 people, usually the director, DOP and a fantastic multi-tasking 3rd person that wears many hats such as runner, continuity and still photographer if the shoot calls for it. What about the sound you’ll ask? Don’t worry we know how important it is and we have fantastic mics that we have been hiding everywhere. Again this ensures everyone’s safety while getting a clean crisp sound. If more people need to get involved, especially our producer, we use a zoom call. We are a highly trained creative team hence this type of set up has been working very well for us. If anything we enjoy the small intimate sets.






1x we only work with trained actors, unless we need more people that we cannot social distance. But there will always be at least one trained actor with the rest of the group which means hair and make-up will be done by them to a professional level. We find that artists are used to be a one-man or one-woman band so they have adapted to the new normal very well.



They have been very popular especially during the lockdown, it means that we will get footage from the talent while they usually shoot in their homes. Again we have a zoom call going so we can direct the shoot. Every take is sent to us so we can review it before we move to the next frame. Most actors have very professional setups and equipment due to the ever-growing need for them to self-tape and we direct them to find the best angle, lighting, etc.


It’s a fantastic option when you need to connect with your audience or your employees for a longer period of time. It works particularly well for conferences, events, etc. The set up is quite quick as long as you have a strong internet connection and it’s very easy to do the work while being socially distanced.


USER-GENERATED CONTENT (on-demand or existing)

We edit it in such a way that it can still give an authentic and relatable feel while telling your story. Obviously, this comes with limitations but can be a good, quick, last resort option.