First Impressions Count

Before we delve into the ins and outs of video content marketing strategy, it’s important to understand what actually makes videos a success; you know this video gone viral holy grail. The main element is the storytelling behind these videos. Stories can be used to connect to your target audience and create powerful impressions, emotional responses and long lasting relationships. Simply put, stories deliver!

Some videos have the potential to educate your audience and, of course, these videos are very important and should be part of a full video content strategy but a video content is also an amazing way to spread your messages, ideas with meaningful stories and will create excitement and attachment to your brand.

What do you do when you scroll on your social media feed? Stop at every videos trying you to hard sell you a product or service? We can all agree we tend to skip these. Now what about the videos that have an emotional hook right from the start? Maybe you just want to know what it’s about right? So you start watching it. Connecting with people emotionally, that’s the key!

Then when you follow a brand, you want to know more about them and get their updates and will watch the content but that’s a whole different story. You can find more information in our Help Hub Hero article.

But for now let’s go a little deeper and explore the emotional side of things. You can use video content to experiment. Most companies want to play safe and show their products otherwise they feel they won’t get value for the invested money but new, brave, bold content that touches the emotional side of your audience is the way forward.

Here is a video for Lloyds bank that is incredibly effective and creates a strong emotional response. Now do they show you any bank, any credit card? Absolutely not. Do you watch it until the end? Absolutely! And the message is clear: a bank that will be here for you and the generations to come. Simple. Effective.


Content Marketing

The goal of content marketing is to convert online content consumers into clients. The content can take different forms: texts, images and videos. Videos can take your marketing efforts to new levels. Videos will:
  1. Increase your conversion rate by giving your target audience the clarity to make the final decision.
  2. Allow you to make an emotional connection with your audience
  3. Get a stronger engagement. Your audience spends most of their time online watching video content anyway so why not add your brand to the mix?
  4. Remember you. Studies have shown that people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they see and hear!
  5. Get better SEO results, increasing your organic search traffic.


Video Content 

Creating video content is a good idea and should be part of any marketing strategy. However to get the results you are after you need to be aware of a few things:
  1. Grab your audience’s attention quickly and create a hook within the first 10 seconds or you might be at risk to be skipped. Remember people scrolling their feed might not have the sound on so it’s not only about what you are saying but also what they can see.
  2. Give your audience value for their time. The content should be interesting, relevant and engaging.
  3. Deliver a video of quality. If it’s blurry or the sound is not good, people will not watch it. Would you?
  4. There is a life outside YouTube. And is your target audience even on YouTube? If not you might not get the views or engagement you hope for. Find out where you target audience is online and then create video content for the right platforms.
  5. Be consistent. You need to have a clear message, brand ethos and style that people can recognize and buy into. Consistency also applies to the frequency of communication. You need to keep that relationship going or you will be forgotten for the new kid on the block that might not do it better than you but will stay present online.

Video Content Marketing Strategy

A proper video content marketing strategy methodology will help you:
  1. Offer solutions or knowledge to your target audience and establish your brand as a specialist in its field
  2. Create more awareness about your products and services
  3. Stand out from the competition

But before you start creating any inspirational video, you will need to understand your audience, have clear goals, branding and messages and understand the power of storytelling. More info on these in our next posts so stay tuned!