Traditional advertising practices and sales hook don’t cut it anymore. To keep people engaged, you now need to create a consistent stream of high quality content with some informational or entertainment value. With the Help Hub Hero approach you will not only get people’s attention but will ultimately gain their loyalty.


Hero Video Content

The Hero content is the rare content with higher production values designed to grab people’s attention. It will get your brand noticed by engaging your potential customers with moments of great creativity. This content demands to be watched and re-watched and should be memorable enough to start conversations and drive social media shares. It is campaign driven so will only happen a couple of times a year, think product launches or seasonal storytelling, and should use the positive and powerful effects of emotions. This content will keep your brand image at the forefront while focusing on creating a lasting impression through storytelling that will prompt an emotional response from your audience helping to build brand loyalty.


Red Bull has been known for its monster hits, like the “Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k” which was viewed live by over 9.5 million users, setting a record for the live stream with the most concurrent views ever on YouTube. At time of writing the video has over 45 million views and over 200k engagements.


Hub Video Content

Your Hub Video Content should be designed to keep your customers coming back for more. The audience already know who you are, perhaps after discovering your brand through your hero content. You now need to keep them engaged and create value they actively want to receive. The Hub content is your opportunity to nurture your relationships and build loyalty to your brand. This content should be staggered throughout the year and can take many forms such as tutorials, product launches, and glimpses behind the scenes of your business. The hub content has the most potential to encourage people to subscribe to your content and follow your social feeds by creating genuine interest.


Behind the scenes” videos are a fantastic tool to engage and connect with your audience. They should be part of any company’s hub video content. The benefits include showcasing the team behind the project, educating the audience on the length and depth of work involved, allowing for a deeper understanding and appreciation of a project.


Help Video Content

The Help Video Content is your opportunity to establish your brand as an authority in your niche and answer the questions your target audience has. It should be created for a wide audience, including those who have never encountered your brand and should be based on subjects people are searching for, think how-to or tutorial videos. This content is a way to address issues, solve problems, or shed light on important developments within your industry and will ultimately cement your reputation.


Gillette’s shaving tips are prime examples of thoughtful help content. The videos address frequently asked questions, while cleverly incorporating product demonstrations without any overt sales pitch.


This strategy help marketers think through the purpose of their content and connect to the right audience. It is an attractive strategy because it can be applied to existing promotional and marketing efforts, and is scalable depending on current resources and budget. The layers of the Help Hub Hero strategy clearly show how content marketing needs to interact to build enduring content with a loyal audience.


It introduces a way of thinking about content that goes beyond the day-to-day or the all-or-nothing push of a traditional campaign. Over time, this attention to the bigger picture  gives content marketers a more complete view of their products, experiences, resources, seasonality, and visitor experience.


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